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Tuesday January 16 , 2018
Financial Literacy to Financial Intelligence: Making Your Business Stronger
3 Ways Nurturing Company Culture Can Boost Your Bottom Line
Four Reasons Rate Hikes Aren’t All Bad
It almost comes as an instinctual response to groan, huff or recoil at the prospect of increased interest rates. And there are good reasons. Many times, higher interest rates have a negative connotation and worse, a negative fiscal impact. <more>
Five Ways to Show Your Business Some Love
Increased funding for education no longer a choice
Not a week goes by that I don’t hear about a local company stressed about finding qualified workers. Some companies want to grow, others just want to stay in business in the Tucson area. Some companies are going to great… <more>
Seven can’t-miss tax deductions for business owners
Tax time is tricky. Not only can the filing deadline sneak up on us, but deductions, from itemized to standard, can be confusing. It’s enough to overwhelm even long-time business owners. <more>
Eight resolutions for business owners
The new year is a time to start fresh. To look ahead, plan and set goals. It’s a time when millions of people set New Year’s resolutions, many of which are related to self improvement, health, finance or relationships. <more>
Three local business strategies for Small Business Saturday and beyond
Small Business Saturday, the first Saturday after Thanksgiving, is anything but small. What began in 2010 as an effort to support the small business community by encouraging consumers to shop local, has snowballed into a multi-billion-dollar day for the ever-important… <more>
Three ways scholarship programs benefit local businesses
To say college is expensive is to say Arizona’s summers are “warm.” Both are true, although somewhat of an understatement. The latest cost estimates for a four-year college degree, for example, are at a level sure to induce anxiety among… <more>
Five ways to get ahead during the summer lull
Like most places, Tucson is a little more relaxed in summer. It’s the time of year when the University of Arizona campus takes a break from the buzz. <more>
Three hidden business costs that impact your bottom line
Every business owner understands there is a cost of doing business. Capital purchases, monthly rent or mortgage, inventory and marketing costs are some that are generally expected of business owners. But there are other hidden costs that are not so… <more>
Harvard University: Poor children pay big price for sluggish Pima County economy
Something you may have long suspected may have just been proven by Harvard University. The languishing economy in Pima County may hurt poor kids the most. That is the finding of Raj Chetty and Nathaniel Hendren, a pair of economists… <more>
Financial Fix: Four reasons math is anything but elementary for business owners
It’s very likely that everyone, at some point in their young lives, has questioned the true usefulness and long-term relevance of math lessons. Will I ever really need to know the square root of 64? When will I use the… <more>
Financial Fix: Three ways investing in local education helps build a community nest egg
Drop a penny in an empty piggy bank and listen to the ping as it hits the bottom. Drop in a few more coins, and the sound echoes less, but the bank becomes increasingly weighty. Small investments, even those that… <more>
Study finds Arizona among worst states to be poor during tax season
When it comes to tax season, not all states are created equal. Arizona, it seems, actually ranks rather poorly. <more>