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Rent vs. Buy Calculator

The "Rent vs. Buy" calculator is a tool to help you see all the benefits of owning a home. This calculator takes into account all aspects of owning a home including the tax benefits. We accept no responsibility for any miss calculations. This calculator is provided as a tool to help you in the home buying process. We are not tax professionals and highly recommend that you talk to your tax professional regarding the tax benefits to owning a home.

Monthly Rent
Annual Gross Income $
Monthly Debt $
Annual Interest Rate  % Note: As of Jan 15 2018, the average 30 year fixed rate is 4.15 %.
Tax Bracket  %

Interest Rate 4.15 %
Property Value
Down Payment (5% of property value)
Closing Costs (estimated @ 2% of property value)
Loan Value

Payment Credit Effective Payment
Monthly Principle $ 0
Monthly Interest
Monthly Property Taxes
(1% of property value)
Monthly Property Insurance
(0.15% of property value)
$ 0

Total Payment